Sunday, September 25, 2005


Bo-Becs Kennel

Bo-Bec’s Kennel was established in July, 1991 near a rural town called New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Our love for dogs lead us to research & start breeding 2 of the top dog breeds which include Labrador Retrievers & Golden Retrievers. We are a licensed Kennel through the “Department of Agriculture & Inspected two times a year. Our goal has always been to produce sound healthy puppies & dogs with good temperaments as well as intelligence. We do not line breed nor inbreed due to the problems created by such type of breeding. We have pedigrees of all our breeding stock as to assure the above does not occur. We have hunt test champions as well as therapy dogs that we breed. We do several “Youth Field Days” during the summer & visit schools for the mentally challenged children. Others have traveled to Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio,Illinois & Canada to compete against other dogs in tournament hunting. We are in contact with trainers that we recommend to help our clients with training our offspring, whether it is for obedience or for hunting. Our dogs are registered through 2 dog registry entities: AKC & UKC. (Not all litters are UCK registered; but all of our hunt test dogs are). We breed all three colors of labs (Black, Chocolate & Yellow). Some of our shading on the yellows goes from almost white to Fox Red & in between shades of the yellow lab. Occasionally we may have some of our breeding stock for sale as well as puppies. All of our adult dogs are house broken as well as general obedience trained. We highly recommend crate training to all our clients & obedience training classes as well.

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